Sack Spray

Sack Spray


We've got your sack!

Why Sack Spray?

We've all been there. A less than fresh feeling and smell coming from your boys down below and unfortunately you don't have time or access to a shower. Don't worry we've got you covered!

Sack Spray formulated for guys who live their life balls out and like to take care down there. Sack Spray delivers a refreshing pH balanced blast to the nuts that neutralizes odor while helping soften, sooth and moisture your most prized possessions.

  • Emollients and Moisturizers: Helps to soften, soothe and moisturize the skin
  • Natural odor neutralizer: Derived from zinc and castor seed oil, this helps to trap, absorb and neutralize odors.
  • Botanicals: With green tea, aloe vera, witch hazel and chamomile botanical extracts helps to protect, heal, sooth, and calm the skin.
  • Lavender and tea tree essential Oils: Healing and soothing, these essential oils are natural antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Fresh Clean Scent: Modeled after the same incredible fresh scent used in Ballwash & Nut Rub.

How To Use:

Spray 1-2 pumps of Sack Spray to your groin either after a workout, shower or whenever you could use a quick refresh. Also works great as a refreshing full body spray.