RC Detox Mask

RC Detox Mask


Keep your face smooth, beautiful, and toxin free! This powerful detox mask is great for pulling out impurities, exfoliating, and revitalizing your complexion. For best results, moisturize afterward with our Frankincense Face Cream or Face Serum.

This powerful mask is also a multitasker, with other uses including armpit detox, spot treatment for blemishes, and relief for insect bites and stings.

TO USE: For face, apply and let dry for 10–20 minutes before bedtime. Rinse and apply moisturizer. May experience some facial redness from increased blood circulation. For armpits, apply and let dry for 10–20 minutes before showering. Recommended 1–2 times weekly.

*Please avoid introducing water into the container or lid, as this may lead to an environment for mold growth.