PUFF Eraser: 2in1 Gua Sha

PUFF Eraser: 2in1 Gua Sha


We don't just erase makeup, we also erase puffiness & inflammation! The PUFF Eraser is a 2n1 Gua Sha that is dolphin shaped to massage facial muscles to help relieve tension & contour the face. Includes a silicone scrubber with two different bristle textures to help deep clean skin. Durable, easy-to-clean & easy-to-use!

✓ Sculpts & lifts

✓ Helps relieve tension & promotes lymphatic drainage

+ Silicone scrubber cleanses & massages

How to Use: Apply a serum or oil to the skin to begin sculpting. Start in the center of face & scrape outwards. Use the divot on the nose, in between brows & along the jawline. Use the longer edges on cheeks & forehead.

Care: Wash with soap & warm water after every use. Allow to dry completely before reuse. Store in a cool, dry, & well-ventilated place.